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Frontline Audio Visual - Arts

Frontline AV specialises in the design and delivery of innovative arts projects, especially involving young people.

Frontline has particular experience in the development and delivery of urban arts in disciplines like DJing, B-Boying, MCing and aerosol art, and were pioneers in using elements of hip-hop culture and urban music to engage young people. We have developed our activity in this area into producing and programming events starring the participants of our projects.

Our work also includes custom development of issues based projects, using the arts [especially drama and film] for groups and organisations to explore or highlight particular themes that are important to them.

Frontline AV designs consultancy projects specifically aimed at finding out what young people, groups and communities want, how they view themselves, their locality etc. Work like this can be invaluable to inform Local Authority Cultural Policies or Regeneration Strategies.

Feel free to call with any enquiries that you may have on: 024 7622 4221 or drop us an email via the contact us page.

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