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Frontline Audio Visual - Testimonials


As a community programme we are always looking for new and innovative ways of engaging young people into positive activities. This year Sporting Futures has introduced a number or art based activities in an attempt to engage with those young people who would find it difficult to access mainstream provision and would not engage throughout sport and leisure provision.

Due to the content of the programmes, CSF work in partnership with external organisations to deliver the agenda around arts based activities. Frontline AV has been working with us since last summer on a music and media project in Radford. What makes them stand out from other external providers is their enthusiasm and dedication to the young people we work with.

CSF operates around the development of young people through mentoring, new opportunities and support.  FAV are fully supportive of this. They have the ability to build a rapport with young people which in turn earns the young people‚Äôs trust and respect, which ultimately enables them to work with challenging young people and push them to achieve their own goals. The issue based work that the young people have created this year is outstanding and this is all down to the ongoing support of FAV.

Nicola Capok
Sporting Futures Co-ordinator
Culture, Leisure and Libraries
c/o Hillfields Young People's Centre.

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